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    Saltwater Sanitizing Systems For Spas and Pools!

    It’s Time To Make The Change! There has been a quiet revolution going on in the pool and spa industry. You won’t hear much about it and you probably won’t read much about it either, not as long as there are profits to be made on chemicals, but the days of the chemically treated spas and pools, in this authors mind, are numbered. Never mind the rising costs for water treatment chemicals, or about the fact that chemicals like Chlorine and Bromine are toxic and deadly. Never mind the Government regulators telling us they have established what they feel are “safe” levels of toxic poisons for us to consume and…

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    How to build a hot tub spa

    How Would You Like To Have The Coolest Hot tub Spa In Town? And You Don’t even Have To Tell Anyone It Cost You THOUSANDS Of Dollars Less Than Theirs (unless you want to rub it in a little). CUSTOM BUILT SPAS will show you how to save up to 80% of the cost and get a fantastic CUSTOM HOT TUB of your own. If you thought that building your own custom hot tub is way out of your league, think again. Gene Trumbull takes you every step of the way to build your own hot tub spa or swimming spa. Custom Built Spas is a complete guide from design…

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    Hot tub covers

    Is your hot tub cover doing it’s job? Hot tub covers are more important than you may think. They serve a critical role in keeping your spa safe, healthy and inexpensive to operate. In short, the job of a spa cover is to keep bad things out and good things in. Lets look at the good things, the bad things and how your cover know the difference. What do hot tub covers keep out? Debris like dirt, leaves, insects and other undesirable materials. The neighbors kids, your kids (when you want), pets, birds, squirrels and other potential floaties. Solar radiation that will harm your tub with prolonged exposure. What do…