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Is your hot tub cover doing it’s job?

Hot tub covers are more important than you may think. They serve a critical role in keeping your spa safe, healthy and inexpensive to operate. In short, the job of a spa cover is to keep bad things out and good things in. Lets look at the good things, the bad things and how your cover know the difference.

What do hot tub covers keep out?

Debris like dirt, leaves, insects and other undesirable materials.
The neighbors kids, your kids (when you want), pets, birds, squirrels and other potential floaties.
Solar radiation that will harm your tub with prolonged exposure.

What do hot tub covers keep in?

The purpose of a cover is to keep the heat in the water and not the surrounding environment. This means you don’t have to pay to constantly reheat the water.

What to look for to be sure your hot tub cover is doing its job

The fit should be snug and sealed around the edges to keep airborne debris and crawling bugs out.
The cover should be thick and strong enough to support a person. If a child or pet were to wonder onto the cover it needs to keep them from breaking through and falling into the water.
Your spa cover should form a complete sun block to prevent the damaging effects of the Suns rays.
The better the insulating quality (higher “R Value”) of the cover the better it will keep heat in and save you money.

How do spa covers do their job?

A hot tub cover has 2 basic components: the covering and the insulation.
The cover is usually made of vinyl with a steel rim. The vinyl can break down from exposure and not perform effectively. Look for deterioration occurring in areas exposed to sunlight and at fold lines. A periodic cleaning with mild soap will help slow any deterioration.
The insulating layer is usually made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). The insulating effects come from the amount of “dead airspace” found in the material. If the insulation becomes waterlogged the dead airspace is reduced, which reduces its ability to keep in heat. If the cover gets heavier over time it is probably taking on water. If you can remove the foam liner and let it dry, your cover will insulate as well as ever. Keeping the insulation dry will also reduce the growth of mold. To keep in even more heat you can add a floating foam blanket.

Your spa cover is an investment worth making. For a safe, healthy and efficient hot tub start at the top. You can prolong the life of your tub and save money on heating costs by investing in a quality hot tub cover.

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