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    Sauna heaters

    4 Types of Sauna Heaters

    Sauna heaters determine the type of heat you get, the way you sweat and the way you design your sauna. This is an important decision and effects the planning of your custom sauna. Options include wood, gas, electric and infrared sauna heaters. Read on to get general information about options for heating your sauna and buying tips for specific types of heaters: Choosing the type of sauna heater should be one of your first jobs in designing a sauna. Here is some background information to help you decide if you want to go with a conventional sauna heater like wood, electric or gas. You may also want to consider the…

  • sauna heaters
    Sauna heaters

    Electric sauna heaters

    Electric sauna heaters are a practical choice and might be right for your home sauna Electric heaters are convenient, clean, and quick. In Canada the max allowable temperature of an electric sauna heater is 90* C ( 194° F in the United States), and many models can reach that temperature in less than ten minutes. Some models allow pre-programming, so you can have your sauna ready when you want it. Getting the best deal possible on your electric sauna heater from a dependable sauna retailer is always a good choice. So lets look at what makes a good electric heater and what you can expect to spend. Get The Right…