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    Health Benefits,  Sauna

    Sauna benefits effect your skin, heart, muscles toxin levels and more.

    To find out about sauna benefits like weight loss, detoxification, negative ions and blood pressure read on. The benefits of a sauna come about due to the way heat effects your body. Let’s start with a general explanation of what happens and then look at specific benefits of a sauna on your health. Before looking at the health benefits of a sauna any further I need to confess to not being a doctor, not playing one on TV or having much desire to be one. I wouldn’t mind the paycheck but not if it requires the associated responsibilities. The following information is a result of research on the Internet and…

  • sauna benefits
    Health Benefits

    Detoxification through sauna therapy: how and why detoxification works

    Detoxification by “sweating it out” in sauna therapy is becoming accepted as a major benefit of a sauna. Studies reveal the process that makes detoxification using sauna therapy so effective. There is more to sauna therapy detoxification than simply “sweating it out”. First lets look at toxins and how they react with your body. We are all bio-accumulators, meaning some of the chemicals we come in contact with we don’t get rid of. Our modern world is full of toxic chemicals. Many of these are retained in our bodies in fat cells and intercellular fluid. Blood is over 50% fluid (as opposed to the blood cells) but there is also…