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Sauna heaters

Electric sauna heaters

Electric sauna heaters are a practical choice and might be right for your home sauna

Electric heaters are convenient, clean, and quick. In Canada the max allowable temperature of an electric sauna heater is 90* C ( 194° F in the United States), and many models can reach that temperature in less than ten minutes. Some models allow pre-programming, so you can have your sauna ready when you want it.
Getting the best deal possible on your electric sauna heater from a dependable sauna retailer is always a good choice. So lets look at what makes a good electric heater and what you can expect to spend.

Get The Right Size

The size for an electric sauna heater needs to fit the size of the sauna. The rule of thumb is 1 Kilowatt of power for every 45 cubic feet of sauna. An 8 x 8 x7 ft sauna = 448 cubic ft. You would need about 10 Kilowatts of power for the heater.
Add 1 or 2 KW if you build an outdoor sauna in a cold climate.
Most electric heaters are 220 Volts. The 110 Volt units are generally for quite small, almost closet sized saunas.
If the stove is too big it will quickly overheat the air, leaving the rocks and wood benches you are about to sit on cold.
When in doubt, call your sauna retailer and they will help.

Heater Quality

The best heaters are made of stainless steel, aluminum or at least galvanized metal. Exterior parts should have a good rust resistant coating.
There should be room to hold at least 30-70 lbs. of rock.
Many electric sauna heaters can be used wet or dry but some can only be used dry. Check before you buy.
Some of the newer models have a “standby” mode. They are well insulated and have a removable insulated top that allows the rocks to stay warm when not in use without wasting a great deal of energy. This dramatically shortens wait time when you are ready.
Check clearance distances for fire safety. Most well insulated models can be mounted right on the wall.

Price Range

Electric sauna heaters are not cheap and you tend to get what you pay for.
They can range from $600 for a basic model to $ 2,000 for the ever-ready style. $800-$900 will get you a good stove that will heat a small to medium size sauna.

Most good sauna retailers carry a variety of electric sauna heaters. This is an important decision so take the time to check out several different companies. If you call them they will help you find the heater that is right for you.

I am a sauna enthusiast and I love wood-fired saunas for their traditional feel, possibility for installation anywhere without worrying about electrical access and ability to reach high temperatures.